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women in sports

In the dynamic world of sports, change is the only constant. The landscape of athletics continuously evolves, and within this shifting terrain, women’s participation and achievements are commanding a growing share of the spotlight.

In recent developments, women in sports have surged to claim 15% of the coveted sports media coverage in the United States. This transformation is a testament to the resilience and talent of female athletes redefining the sports narrative. Today, in this SportShare sports digest, we delve into the latest triumphs and stories that illustrate women’s journey in sports. From American climbers securing their spots in the 2024 Paris Olympics to the remarkable return of basketball star Brittney Griner to the USA Basketball team, these narratives underline the growing importance of women in sports.

Women in sports now get 15% of US sports media coverage.

Women in Sports

A recent study conducted by Wasserman’s The Collective division in partnership with ESPN Research reveals that women’s sports coverage in the United States currently accounts for 15% of sports media coverage.

This increase has largely been driven by the growth of streaming platforms and social media. Streaming services have shown a remarkable increase in women in sports content by an average of 4,000 hours annually between 2018 and 2022, attributed to their ability to show multiple competitions simultaneously.

The study also points out that scheduling women in sports coverage on linear TV networks often coincides with men’s leagues, potentially affecting viewership.

Despite a long-held belief that women in sports received only 4% of coverage, the study suggests that continued growth at the same rate could result in women’s sports comprising 20% of sports media coverage by 2025.

The report underscores the need for increased professional women’s sports competitions to further narrow the media coverage divide.

The study’s findings mark a significant shift in women’s sports coverage, challenging the previously accepted notion that it was severely underrepresented.

Shelley Pisarra, Wasserman’s EVP of Global Insights, urged a reevaluation of women in sports opportunities and called on stakeholders to acknowledge their growth potential.

This shift can result in greater economic gains for athletes, leagues, brands, properties, and audiences. The study also underscores the evolving role of social media in promoting women in sports. Conversations about women in sports accounted for 18.5% of all sports-related discussions in 2022.

American Climbers Secure Olympic Spots in Paris 2024

Women in Sports

Four American climbers, Natalia Grossman, Jesse Grupper, Piper Kelly, and Samuel Watson, have secured spots in the 2024 Paris Olympics by excelling in sports climbing at the Pan American Games.

They will join Emma Hunt and Colin Duffy, who had previously qualified for the U.S. climbing team with silver medals from the world championships in August.

The sport of climbing, which debuted in the Tokyo Olympics, will have two events per gender in Paris. A standalone speed event and a combined event for bouldering and lead. Allowing each nation to qualify up to two athletes per event.

Natalia Grossman’s win in the women’s combined event and Jesse Grupper’s remarkable comeback in the men’s combined event stood out at the Pan American Games, earning them positions on the U.S. Olympic team.

Meanwhile, Piper Kelly and Samuel Watson earned their places on the Olympic team in speed climbing. However, notable climbers like Sean Bailey and Noah Bratschi narrowly missed out on Olympic spots, with Bratschi potentially having another opportunity to qualify in upcoming competitions.

This development reflects the growing strength and depth of American climbers on the international stage as they prepare for the challenges of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Brittney Griner returns to USA Basketball.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Brittney Griner is set to return to the USA Basketball team for the first time since her standout performance in the Tokyo Olympics.

Griner has been named to a 16-player roster for a training camp and exhibition games in November. The team will play exhibitions on November 5 at the University of Tennessee and on November 12 at Duke, with the training camp in Atlanta in between.

Notably, the roster includes some of the most prominent 2024 Olympic hopefuls, though the final 12-woman team for the Paris Olympics is expected to be selected next spring.

Griner’s return to the national team comes after a tumultuous period, including her arrest in Russia in February 2022 on drug-related charges, which resulted in her conviction and a nine-year sentence.

She was released in December in a prisoner swap. Despite the absence of Griner and other veteran stars. The U.S. secured qualification for the 2024 Paris Olympics after winning the world championship last year.

Griner, a player for the Phoenix Mercury in the WNBA, is determined to represent her country at the Olympics. Marking a significant milestone in her career as she aims for an eighth consecutive Olympic title with the national team.


In the world of sports, where triumphs and challenges are interwoven, women athletes have made remarkable strides.

The increased media coverage for women in sports, the tenacity displayed by American climbers on the road to Paris in 2024, and the triumphant return of Brittney Griner to USA Basketball are powerful examples of progress.

At SportShare, we recognize the importance of celebrating these achievements and sharing these stories with our sports-loving community.

As we look ahead, it is evident that women’s contributions to the world of sports will continue to shape and enrich the narrative.

Ensuring that the spotlight shines even brighter on their accomplishments. SportShare is proud to be part of this journey and remains committed to promoting and supporting women in sports.